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Reach out to me on Issues that matter to you as a citizen of Harford County!   What do you love? What do you want to change?

Small Business

We need to grow and encourage Small Business in Harford County!   
Shop small, encourage our citizens to follow their passions and start a small business.
Work, live, shop, and dine in Harford County!


We need smaller class sizes, increased school safety and we need to continue support our teachers and their pay raises!  We don't want to lose more great teachers to other areas. Harford County Schools are fantastic, I am a product of those schools and my children attend there as well!


Our Vocational school is over crowded and has waiting lists.  Not EVERY kid is college bound, let's teach them trades, expand these programs and educate our youth that can then work in Harford as adults!

Development and Jobs

We need development and job growth, as that will grow Harford County and make it a better place to live and work. 

The key is SMART DEVELOPMENT and planning.   Let's be proactive, not reactive.  

Citizens for Amy Altmann Jahnigen, 
Treasurer Jerry Lee
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